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Убежать далеко. Чтобы быть собой, счастливым. Нам любить нелегко. Под прицелом объектива. Нашу жизнь напоказ. Силой воли я разрушу. Verse 3 Ha ha, funny me, life of the party, VIP Got so much flavor, put me on the buffet. Look at them, look at them liking me. Look at them, look, what a sight. Oct 20, 2016 Get It Myself Lyrics: It's all happening, it's coming back and getting it / It's my time now / I had to tell myself to go and get it myself / I had to tell. Being Possessed Is Easy. 5. Out of Sight. 6. Discipline. 9. Aged Wine. THE FACT FACER. 1. Doomed Myself 12. Slave Morality. 15. Song from the Conscience.

I Love Myself Lyrics: I won't always do the right thing / When I'm alone I'm good company / God damn, I'm one handsome God oh my, that's one pretty sight. Some of the original lyrics that were penned by Martin were "Let your heart be light / Next year all our troubles will be out of sight. Jan 19, 2017 Out of Sight Lyrics: My momma always told me I was never in the here and now / My head in Yeah, I keep myself company on the motorway. У любви на виду под прицелом! У судьбы на краю в зимнем поле. Всё стою и пою я от боли! От боли я пою: люблю. Проигрыш Ничего я не жду в мире. Here Comes A Thought Lyrics: Take a moment to think of just / Flexibility, And, oh, you're losing sight, you're losing touch Take a moment and ask yourself.

Текст myself прицелом песни под

Myself под прицелом текст песни
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